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Well, here you are, reading this, wondering who or what is DEFINING DRIVES? In essence, we are the voice of the opinionated, the biased few, not ashamed to tell it how it is. This isn't just a Tribe. It's a culture.

Made up of 4 sections (for now at least):

Articles, chock full of information, metaphors and the occasional insult on production vehicles of varying shapes and sizes.

Think fight-club/ UFC with cars and you get the picture. Often more exciting than Rocky taking on Apollo Creed…whilst on fire.

3) Editor’s RANT:
The section where we unleash our resident editor at definingdrives.wordpress.com. Often ends in tears and many, many, shouty words.

If it’s new (aka concepts), interesting and mildly exciting- you’ll find it here.

On a web thats full of reviews choked with formal technicalities, DEFINING DRIVES is dedicated to bringing YOU the ultimate in automotive hype (and jargon) in a format in which we hope you enjoy. And if you ask us, it's rather excellent.

But don’t just take our word for it. Delve, discover, enjoy. You might just be surprised.

Until next time,

-Noah Charalambous, Editor at DEFINING DRIVES

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  • Thanks James, we look forward to having you alongside for the ride :)

      4 years ago
  • Sounds excellent! I look forward to following your "opinionated voice".

    Just by the way, you may also want to consider joining and posting into the new SMALL TRIBE ALLIANCE - a tribe designed to help get the minorities voices' out there loud and clear!

      4 years ago