first post... happy to be here... pleasure to meet you

4y ago

Hello there tribe members, what a pleasure to be here. I hope this will be a nice place for petrol heads to come together and have some fun. Without all the vile bullshit of the rest of the internet that has taken over most of it in the past few years. The trolling, bullying etc. etc.

As for me... I am a photographer and filmmaker out of Cologne, Germany and a huge petrolhead. I hope that this will bring all sorts of goodness with it. I will post a lot my stuff. Work, street finds, my old cars and so on and I hope you will join in too. Also, very important, future projects. I just sold my trusty and beloved Disco III and I am in need of a new car, but that is a hard decision nowadays.

Anyways... welcome, have fun, lets get to know each other and be kind. Teymur_

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