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1y ago


This is a tribe where you can post up anything E9X related, a modified beast that you've seen at a local show with a mental Liberty Walk kit, or your own recently waxed and polished beauty.

There is no critisism here, no negativity. I myself have some wild tastes, where I may not have the skill or means to apply them to my own car. There are styles I love and some, not quite so much, as with anyone.

We live with the saying 'each to their own'. Style fads/scenes come and go, as much as they always have done in any car scene. What may be fresh and innovative now, may induce acute eye-rolling in the future. But that's for the future us to worry about, live in the now!

So whatever you've done, or want to do with your car, share it here and spread ideas. Or simply, show your love for one of BMW's creative designs, pure and untouched.

If you are an owner and you've stumbled upon our humble Tribe, please join us where it all began at: www.facebook.com/groups/E9XOCUK/

Image provided courtesy of DD Photography: www.facebook.com/DD-Photography-150119685426437/about/

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