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Here we wish to talk about everything car related to help as many people as possible make an informed decision about car buying

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Hugo here. Welcoming you to become one of the herd. Hugo is a big fan of everything car related. That could be as simple as seeing which city car is the best suited for driving through your local village (Volkswagen Up every time) or which executive saloon should you turn up to your big business meeting in (that's a harder question). Hugo wishes to help you stay informed.

Hugo is a massive fan of car leasing. He passionately believes that people should be able to get the best car they want through the cheapest, most efficient option. Car leasing allows you to get any car you want and pay low monthly amounts making it incredibly affordable. He is so passionate about it, he even created a website to help everyone find the perfect car for them - www.hippoleasing.co.uk/ and you could easily check it out.

Hugo also loves rallying. In fact, he sponsors his friend's team in order to let them compete. He wants to share everything about rallying including stage rallying, World Rally Championship and even Rallycross. He wants anything to do with rallying or rally cars to be shared and bumped.

Check our Hugo's new rally car design!

Check our Hugo's new rally car design!

Hugo welcomes any and everyone who wants to talk about cars because he is passionate about what they can do and how they can set our lives free.

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