Join us on a journey to change opinions

4y ago

Hello, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Hej.

Welcome to my tribe which is mainly for women, their cars and to give ladies a bit of car confidence in their own cars. There are many tribes here about women in motorsport, rallying, driving etc, please join them. The more women involved with the motor scene the better.

It is important we recognise the role of women in the sport and industry, and recognise women as being knowledgeable about their cars. Too often ladies are categorised as knowing nothing about cars or driving. This tribe is to challenge views and change long held opinions that as a lady you cannot maintain your own car or pursue a career in the industry.

We will discuss why women tend to be seen as an easy target at local garages. We will also meet Katie, a young lady studying Level 3 Motor Mechanics at college. We will provide easy to follow car maintenance guides a woman can do in less time than to boil potatoes. We will be inviting all ladies to comment on what they enjoy about car ownership, asking for names they give to their cars and invite stories from your experience at the hands of unscrupulous mechanics.
Please join us on our journey to Change Opinions

Oh................................and men are welcome too

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