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4y ago

Hey folks, this is Thomas Holland your tribe leader. Some of you may know me as T.H. from my YouTube Channel "E46 Reviews with T.H." Glad to have you all here. Share your Bimmer and your story. I want to see pictures of your car. How your build is going. Tell us about what maintenance you are doing or share a video. Make sure to bump this post to the top so all new Tribe members can see it. Drive Tribe isn't fully live yet so we are still exclusive. Share the Tribe with friends and on social media!

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  • Daniel you are totally right. We were only trying to see what you could get for about that much money. I'll be bringing my e46 to a similar level as that Miata and I think the owner is game to re test next year. In the wet however, they both put a huge smile on my face and the smile stayed on me on the way home in the bimmer. The Miata isn't anywhere close to being as comfortable or dailyable (Not a word?).

      4 years ago
  • I watched your video and I think you did an amazing job except I don't think the comparison was particularly fair. The MX5 was clearly a track prepared car where as your e46 while sporting some nice mods is clearly not an all out track car, in fact I was extremely impressed that they came even as close as they did, it was essentially an ultralight, track only car vs a 4-door 325 daily driver. I think it would be more interesting to see comparisons between cars at similar levels of track readiness rather then strictly compare cost, for instance, a stock e46 325 vs a stock mx-5 and then up from there, add suspension to each car, etc. I understand the cost factor but I don't think anyone expects a BMW to be as cheap as a Mazda and you have to consider the value of using the e46 as a track and daily vs the MX-5 being track only.

      4 years ago
  • I used to run all manner of older BMWs. E38 Sevens (three of those), E39 M5s (had two of those) and so on. Then I got cheesed off with the E38s dropping coolant like nervous puppies and returned to more modern machinery. An E60 535d and my current F10 520d with all the bits-n-bobs demonstrate that life is more reliable these days, if a tad duller as a consequence...

      4 years ago
  • I recently tested an MX5 against my e46 and you are right. In stock form the e46 cant stack up to a good miata. You will have to copy this link into your browser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByiQA3J7Nls

      4 years ago
  • Can't see how to share photos yet, but I am co-owner of an E46 330Ci semi-shed. My buddy and I use it as a track car since upgrading from an MX-5. It's really no-where near as good though. Debating now whether to add lightness or swap it for something else altogether. Next outing will be at Brands on the 17th!

      4 years ago