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I bet my horse is faster than your's

The year is 3500 BCE, the trusty animal we call the horse has been domesticated. Never has going from A to B and on to Z been quicker. The days are longer, the chores are shorter, and as a result, there's more time to think on the finer points of life. Within this pocket of history it's not hard to imagine that late one night, possibly after one too many alcoholic beverages, that a thought crosses the mind of one of these ancients. 'Hmm...' he thinks. 'I wonder how much quicker my horse can go from this village to the next than, say, Barry's?' Spurred on by fascination, he wastes no time in challenging, and racing said Barry to a footrace by other means. And so begins the evolution of racing using various objects external to ourselves to drive our opponents into the dust. It's a long, sometimes brutal, but always interesting history. From the sands of the Circus Maximus to today's racing gladiators, welcome to Racing Archaeology!

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  • Hey Stephen, I've only locked the tribe for now just so I can post a few things and let people get a feel of what I'm going for. What I have planned as a general narrative is quite big, one which will span from the earliest forms of racing to what we see today. Along the way however, there'll be other posts as well. That's where I'm hoping the tribe members will play a big part!

      4 years ago
  • Ha, guess I didn't get the site. Well, I will definetly look here for any racing history I want, but for more general automotive history, I started a tribe called TheSpeedTrap. The first article is up on President William H. Taft, and his cars but the tribe itself is not public due to not having 10 followers yet. I look forward to leaving the racing history to you!

      4 years ago
  • Also, what are the rules on posting our own content? I have a backlog of neat things I could post, with pictures and research.

      4 years ago
  • So I am digging this site and what it is about. I really hope some discussion about automotive history can be had. Is this the best tribe for that?

      4 years ago