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Hello there ! I have just logged on to find we now have a handsome 40 members in this tribe and I thought I should write a proper welcome note to everyone who joined. So... Welcome to the MLM Tribe where Museum Learning Machines are the stars! The idea is that in this tribe, we discover and discuss different ways of engaging the next generation or in fact any generation to appreciate vintage cars, especially Bugattis for positive educational purposes. From an educational point of view, cars in museums and museum worthy historic cars out there actively eventing offer incredible learning opportunities whether it is to learn about history, engineering, physics, art and design, design, technology... and so much more!

me.... a long long time ago...#toofocusedtosmile

me.... a long long time ago...#toofocusedtosmile

The UK curriculum talks about STEM subjects - Science Technology Engineering Maths - and STEAM - Science Technology Engineering Art Maths- . Over the last years I have had the opportunity to get involved in a number of educational projects, for primary schools, secondary schools and universities and I will report on each one as we cycle through the 2017 events.

Co-pilots needed ! My aim is to upload one article a week with photographs and the odd photo story too. But here is where you come in, yes the drive tribe powers stipulate that each tribe has a 'leader' but I would like you to consider me more of a tribe developer where everyone can post into the tribe - you will see from tribe settings above that it is open - and comment and get involved in the debate. I am confident we can make this work. And if someone wants to start a discussion thread on an educational related issue, please do. The more of us in the debate, the better.

Learning about gears whilst playing with spirographs during a local science day.

Learning about gears whilst playing with spirographs during a local science day.

So, that is it from me on this extremely wet and windy Monday morning! Feeling very positive about drive tribe and looking forward to our MLM tribe's adventures. Before the end of the week I will upload a recent report on the future of engineering in schools and some thoughts which I hope will make for interesting reading. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on all of this. So in the meantime, wishing you all a great week! Angela :-) PS: I can also promise you that the quality of my photography will get better. It had always seemed good enough to me but in comparison to the professional standard photography on drive tribe... better kit needed!

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  • Hi Ezequiel ! This is a bit exciting isn't it ! So good to see you too and everyone who joined over the last few days! I was hoping that there would be interest in linking education and vintage cars and... there is :-) Next article from me will be uploaded by the weekend but please feel free to post too. This applies to everyone who joined, if you have thoughts and views on STEM and D&T teaching for example.... Photographs, articles, comments... and re my photos, ha ha ha fair comment, yes, but I think any future photography from events and visits I'll try and improve. Catch up soon ! Best wishes A

      4 years ago
  • Angela, so glad to see you here!!! I am extremely honored of being part of this tribe and will do my best to help you expand the knowledge and our passion for Vintage Cars.. Also I hope to learn a lot from everybody on this tribe.

    From one Bugattist to another, the best of luck

    Ezequiel Volonté

    PS: the quality of the photos are great don't forget they are vintage as the cars we love and cherish!!!

      4 years ago