welcome, heroes, to this tribe.

How i accidentally became a tribe leader and what i hope to bring you now in this tribe

3y ago


It is one day after launch and it is truly an honour to welcome you. After accidentally becoming the tribe leader of Hydrogen Heroes (I know what you are thinking: how on earth do you manage that), I needed some time to think about how to act in my role. As a board member of Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing, a team of future engineers from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), I set up this tribe in order to bring passionated and innovative car lovers together. We, from Forze, love racing. So instead of using the last drops of petrol, Forze decided to build vehicles running on hydrogen. Being one of the very few hydrogen racing teams and only student team -for now- in the world, we aim to inspire industries with our technology and high performance racing vehicles.

This tribe is a place of sharing ideas, inspiration and innovation.

Kai-Ting Lam

In the days, months and hopefully years ahead, I will be pleased to keep you up-to-date about hydrogen, racing technology, team Forze and perhaps more important, our future of driving. However, most important, is your participation. This tribe is a place of sharing ideas, inspiration and innovation. It has never been the intention to become a tribe leader though. This tribe was initiated by Forze after all, to bring car lovers, technology enthusiasts and sustainability supporters together. However, after receiving the surprising but pleasant ticket to Drivetribe in my mailbox, I accidentally signed up with my private Facebook account (I know I am supposed to be smart as a future engineer, sorry). So now, I, on behalf of Forze, hope to keep this a peaceful place where passion for automotive can be expressed, whether on four or two wheels, petrol or electric powered, supercar or oldtimer.

Please feel free to run into the website or social media of Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing, whenever you prefer more details. I would be delighted with your support.




Enough said about us. Welcome, Heroes, to this Hydrogen tribe. May the Forze be with you.

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  • The VII has a LMP monocoque, so partly yes!

      3 years ago