Welcome to a German-tuned Tesla Model 3

A German company called Startech has made...this, whatever this is.

We can all admit that for all of its technological brilliance, the Model 3 is not a particularly pretty car. I'm pretty sure that this is exactly what German tuning company Startech also throught, because recently they unveiled a tuned version of the car and it looks...even more hideous!

It's surprising that this design has come out looking in such an unfortunate manner, because Startech belongs to Brabus - a division of Mercedes that updates their cars to the max - so you would think that they would do a good job based on Brabus' record.

The front and rear bumpers will set you back €2400 (£2171), which is a bit too expensive considering that they make the car look even worse than it did previously. The rear wing meanwhile will cost you €440 (£398), although I must say it doesn't look to bad on the car. Startech says that both of these additions are made from “high-grade carbon” and an unknown material called “PUR-R-RIM”, which has also been used to tune Brabus cars, although no one knows what it does.

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Comments (2)

  • Hideous piece of design! Are ALL germans no longer capable of styling a decent car? First BMW, now this 'thing'. Form follows function and a Tesla looks as it does because that's all an efficient EV needs. No grill required, No bits of pointless plastic to slow it down, even the new wheels are less efficient than OE ones. What that tea tray glued to the hatch lid is for... suffice to say it has no function. If someone wants an EV that looks like this, the nice people at Ford have a Mustang waiting in the wings that will satisfy your craving for olde worlde plasticy pointlessness.

      4 months ago
  • oh god oh god no

      4 months ago