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Welcome to the home of car spotters all over the world! Same tribe, new app!

4y ago

Hey guys and gals! Welcome to the Car Spotting Tribe. This tribe is for car spotters all over the world and actually has quite a bit of history! Before Drive Tribe there was an app called 6Tribes. Think Drive Tribe but the tribes could be about any thing, not just cars. Well, back then the great folks that developed 6Tribes reached out to Paul Wallace of Supercars of London and together the Car Spotting Tribe was born! I was there on day one and worked with Paul and the 6Tribes team to grow and manage the tribe. When we got to about 1,000 members I took over as the leader of the tribe. We gained a couple thousand more followers through out the year and I am very proud to say that we had one of the most active tribes in the entire app! It was a super positive group of people all focused on finding rare, exotic and classic cars in the wild and then sharing those moments with the rest of us in the tribe. I made some real friendships working with the 6Tribes team and all my tribe mates and I'm SO stoked to be back in the saddle, sharing my spots and seeing what other car spotters out there have caught in action!

I already have a Car Spotting Tribe email, Insta, and twitter from before so please, dont hesitate to reach out to me! Email: carspottingtribe@gmail.com - Twitter and insta is: @carspottingtribe

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