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32w ago

Hello everyone! Welcome to the start of my tribe. I've created this tribe as a place to share all sorts of content related to what I do within the automotive community. As a new Southern California resident, I've been taking full advantage of the abundant and ubiquitous car culture that graces this region of the United States. That means I spend a lot of weekends doing car related stuff like attending car shows, going on rallies, meeting fellow car enthusiasts, and most importantly taking photos of my experiences along the way. I'll be sharing articles about my experiences within the community here, as well as tips and tricks for navigating the automotive space as a photographer.

In addition to writing articles, photography is a way that I enjoy expressing myself. I love to photograph cars at events, at photoshoots, and on the move. That's my main focus when I pull my camera out of my bag. However sometimes I like photographing the world outside of the automotive community. That may involve landscapes, people, or urban design. Whatever art I create with my camera and my computer, I'll be sharing it here for you all to enjoy.

So click that "Join Tribe" button and strap yourself in. This ride is going to be fun and I'm excited for you to join me.

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