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4y ago

Hi there! My name is Hannah Elizabeth, I'm a 20 year old student from Portsmouth. Car Girl Culture is intended for ladies of all ages, from all background and walks of life to join me to share and express our passion for everything automotive. No matter how fast or how slow!

My story started with a sticker... a Simon's cat sticker I found on Ebay for Β£2.50! It soon turned into a lot more stickers... and then a lot of pink, which I don't even like!

As you can probably tell... I went to town on that little old fiesta, spent hundreds of pounds making it possibly one of the most hated local cars, but hey! I'm yet to see another one like it! Unfortunately the time came where it just had to go, I was off to Uni and needed something more... professional.

From that came STitch, the ST! My true love, 36k miles on a 12 year old car? what on earth! The moment I laid eyes on him, I knew it had to be mine! Unfortunately he didn't feel the love, after a new clutch, new boot release motor, four new tyres, a new spring (after it kindly snapped on me whilst I was driving!) and a very large tax bill... and a lot of stress for my grandparents, I had almost given up! You can see the gallery below for what happened with him!

Another huge part of my story and why I wanted to become a tribe leader is because I have first hand experience of how incredible the female car scene actually is, and it's much much bigger than people realise! I run a car club called Car Girl Culture with some of my closest friends, and through the club I've so far been lucky enough to attend two shows in 2016 and meet some of the most hardcore ladies! We're the largest UK female car club with a following now exceeding over 10,000 people.

The reason why DriveTribe is so important is because it means I get to meet a whole new group of friends! I feel with CGC we're limited to cars and we also seem to attract a younger age group, but in life it's so important to have diversity, not just for the sake of having it but because you can learn so many things from different people, and at the end of the day, we're all in this together! I really look forwards to creating some content, I have so many tips, stories and photos to share! I also can't wait to see what people share here!

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