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If you came over from my Instagram, @PittsburghCars, I'm glad to see you made it onto DriveTribe early!

Unlike my Instagram, this Tribe is not about me or my photography. I want "Pittsburgh Cars" to be an area for all Pittsburgher car enthusiasts to come together, share content, and meet new people.

On DriveTribe, there is an area called the "Studio" where you can quickly compose articles (like the one you are reading now), upload photos & videos, and create a photo story. It's a nice change of pace from sites like Instagram and Twitter where you may not get the whole story behind a photo. I hope the ability to write about your content and experiences will help DriveTribe become a successful platform for connecting car enthusiasts.

A Z06 Corvette with the Z07 package from Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee.

I hope you'll stick around and see what we can make of this new site and community. I look forward to seeing what you share and learning more about your cars.


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