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Cars may just be lumps of metal, rubber and plastic, but they’re lumps of metal, rubber and plastic that speak to us and elicit feelings in a way that few other mechanical objects can.

Admittedly, those feelings are often accompanied by thoughts such as ‘how much money have I spent keeping you alive’, ‘please don’t break down’ and ‘start, you bastard’, but I’m sure we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve been digging into the bonds that form between cars and humans over in the Soulmates Tribe, but now’s your chance to share your passion for your cars here in the Car Stories section.

Please get stuck in – we want to hear stories of why you bought your car, where you’ve been with it and why you have a connection with it. Perhaps you want to talk about a car you should never have sold, an unforgettable trip with your current motor, or being forced to keep a car that looks absolutely horrific but has a strong connection with your family.

Post your stories in the relevant owner’s club Tribe and start sharing tales of your beloved. Even if they involve swearing and a hammer.