Welcome to Japan's most famous parking area!

4y ago
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- A little while ago we arranged to meet our friend Yufune-san at Daikoku Parking Area on a Saturday afternoon. Here's what happened!

Most people think of Japan's iconic Daikoku PA as a place that comes to life after dark, but it's also pretty cool in the day time on the weekends...

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Comments (5)

  • haha wish i could go

      4 years ago
  • Taryn, I just can say.. amazing.... thak you for this tirbe

      4 years ago
  • Hi Taryn, thank you for this informations ^^ I remember your article of fun2drive in Hakone (and I loved it!). Would you recommend to book a tour there? Best wishes from Germany..

      4 years ago
  • Hey Jan, a fun fact for you: there is actually a police station at Daikoku PA! Police generally don't shut things down though unless a really big meet ends up taking place. You'll see plenty of cool cars there all day Saturday and Sunday, but generally Fri, Sat & Sunday nights are best as the night atmosphere is the coolest. From 9pm onwards is usually all good!

      4 years ago
  • can't wait to be there in March '17 ^^ I hope Police won't close it too soon on the weekends.. Taryn, what do you think is the best time to join Daikokufuto or Tatsumi?

      4 years ago