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4y ago

On the 1st of May 2015 me and two friends came up with the idea of starting a Instagram specifically for cars. That night we had a name and a logo. LONDONAUTOSPORT seemed appropriate seeing as though we would be based in central London, capturing the cars on photo and video. The main plan was to run a Instagram and a You Tube channel at the same time. Although our You Tube channel still exists we do not post any videos as it became complicated. When we went up spotting for the first time we saw a white 918. It soon became clear that we were not the only ones doing this.

London in February

London in February

It also became clear that London wasn't the only place to see cars. Supercar shows such as Wilton House, Salon Prive, Goodwood and Auto Italia offered amazing cars as well. At shows we have seen many Mclaren F1s, Bugatti's, Koenigseggs and Zondas a highlight being the 760 RS. Local showrooms such as Mclaren Ascot, Supervettura and Ferrari have shown us some amazing cars as well.

Around half a year later we lost a member but gained one at the same time. We have attended numerous shows and we visit London as frequently as possible. We're going to use Drivetribe to post photos, videos and the occasional article. hope you enjoy!

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