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your dedicated rally tribe is here, but what's it all about?

If you're reading this, hopefully you've been suitably enticed by the excitement of a tribe devoted to tearing about the countryside, trying to avoid trees and other solid objects. Maximum Attack! is for all things rallying and I created this tribe, not just to talk about the WRC and regurgitate press releases from the usual suspects, but to talk about every aspect of the world's toughest motorsport and ask the questions that most people ignore.

I've been around rallying for a number of years, from my earliest memories of the sport, watching Colin McRae slipping about on the RAC Rally in a Subaru Legacy, through to being involved with running cars on events across the UK and building my own rally car. I worked as an engineer in the motorsport business before becoming a professional scribbler, so another aspect of Maximum Attack! will be looking at the engineering that goes into the cars, as well as talking about the latest news, from club rallies to the WRC.

There are plenty of pages out there that post results and PR stories, but I want to go much deeper than that, looking at how and why rallying is where it is and where it needs to go next. Stay tuned...

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