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About me

I grew up with three sisters, me probably being the most girly and pathetic one so I never dreamt I would end up doing what I am doing now! Naturally one of us had to be interested in cars, what with dads car collection starting well before I was born!

A lifelong dream of his was to own a Ferrari and after many years of hard work he bought himself a Testarossa and that's where it really started to take off! My passion grew stronger as his collection grew!

Skipping a few years and quite a few cars, I went on to study Car Mechanics with my Step Dad during my work experience at school, I just really wanted to know and learn as much as I could about cars!

Cutting a very long story short, here I am now... I've driven many tracks in the UK with my absolute track Weapon, the Ferrari 458 GTC. Spa in the Aston Martin Vulcan, I get to drive awesome cars most weekends and I've met the best people along the way ! Life is good!

Blast from the past! Me & my little sister

Enough about me...what's in the garage?

The collection of cars here at home is forever changing! Dad and I often sit talking about where we think we can fit more garages in!

So where shall I start?!

Ferrari la FERRARI

The La Ferrari speaks for itself really! Bought from new with the later addition of some FXXK wheels and then the FX style livery which was put on for a Charity show and has stayed on ever since! The livery isn't everybodies cup of tea, but I LOVE it!

In my opinion the LaF is just beautiful to look at and perfection to drive!

Silverstone 2016

Ferrari f12 tdf

The TDF is one crazy car, I love driving this beast!

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Black beauty!


My track toy !

Ferrari 458 GT3

Dads track toy... Father and daughter goals right there !


The newest toy :)

The last ever made Agera R.

I didn't realise how much I would love this car, it's just mad and like nothing else!

Rolls Royce wraith

Sometimes its nice to have soft suspension!

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