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work to drive, What does that even mean?! what can i expect here? read on for all the answers.

4y ago

I've been eagerly awaiting this day for quite some time now. Finally, there is a suitable platform to share all my experiences regarding life as an automotive photographer/videographer and general car enthusiast and it couldn't have come at a better point in time. We have networks for all sort of things but, as of yet, nothing notable that can bring automotive enthusiasts together from around the world to one common place where open discussion can occur over the most exciting and occasionally most frustrating hobby ever... cars!

Firstly a little bit about myself. I grew up primarily in England, Australia and Germany, with a couple of years spent in Japan and some other places and as such my automotive preferences are relatively diverse. Having learnt to drive in Australia, I was very much immersed in the car scene there, which is an intensely diverse and massively exciting place to live when you are into cars.

I studied Multimedia and started producing videos and photography for a living. Eventually my love for cars and my passion for media combined and in a rather blind leap of faith I became an automotive media content producer. I now realise this was my vocation all along, this TRIBE is dedicated to my experiences working in this field and I intend to share all the ins and outs that go along with that.

This market is flooded, there is simply no space for newcomers.

When considering all the risks of entering this field of work and consulting with many people working within the industry I constantly arrived at the same daunting conclusion: "this market is flooded, there is simply no space for newcomers". While this may be partially true, rather than become disillusioned by the response, I used it as motivation to succeed and I plan to use this Tribe to inspire others to follow their strengths, regardless of negativity thrown their way.

So, what will this tribe incorporate? Put simply, everything that interests me... What may that be? Well, photography, video, cars (both classic and new), hands on mechanical work, opinion pieces and car reviews. I will also take you along with me on shoots and detail all of the procedures and organisation involved in creating automotive content. I'm a big believer in sharing knowledge as it drives the industry forward and I will do my best to respond to feedback and questions along the way.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and getting to know more of the DRIVETRIBE community. More to come soon!

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  • "The beast demands sacrifice."/6th rule of the warrior

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