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4y ago

.....And its lights out!? Right? Drivetribe finally gave us "tribe leaders" the green signal. And as much as I thought this would give me the privileged opportunity to speed dial Clarkson, Hammond and May for a pint (or many) whenever I want, I will have to make do with hoping they would "bump" (into) my posts here.

Jokes aside, this drivetribe platform is definitely what was promised to us car lovers. A Netflix for all things car related, and it is about time!

So anyway, here's something about my tribe that I want to create for everyone to join- do you love going on road trips, or even just enjoy taking your car out for a spin and wish for that perfect song/ playlist to enhance the whole journey? Do you drive with an non-eclectic shotgun ? Is your radio too full of sh*t? I'm not sure if I can swear on my studio yet, but any conversation about Justin Bieber songs being good driving music choice will make me want to.

For every car and every road, there's that ONE song that truly sets the mood. So feel free to share that ONE song you truly enjoyed, or you didn't. Or join this tribe to discover other members' music tastes. Else, share a picture or video of a recent journey you made, or the car that you chose to drive, just to enjoy that music.

"Cars and music complete the soul."

Do you like to hustle with your gang in the car with some rap? Do you cruise to some smooth jazz? Is the music in a foreign language yet you love it? Do you feel that "Scarborough Fair" has to be played every single time you get in an Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider? I do.

The most beloved car to appear on the silver screen- Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider from the movie The Graduate.

The most beloved car to appear on the silver screen- Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider from the movie The Graduate.

Whatever your music and car choice is, join us. Cars and music complete the soul.

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  • Surely we'll have an exhaustive list here, Angela. Feel free to post them here. This tribe and its members could just create a "spotify" for weekend driving enthusiasts ;)

      4 years ago
  • what a great tribe idea ! Looking forward to content as I imagine there will be as much range in the music as in the cars :-)! Brilliant. Favourite open road song ? I'll dig out my playlist and share. There'll be more than one...

      4 years ago