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Hello Tribers, December is a special time of the year for many reasons. In just one month, you get to eat more food than you ever thought was possible, you get more presents than you modestly said you ever deserve and certainly, it is one of the most inspiring and exciting times of the year. But of course, that's not all. In the car world, this is also the long-awaited opportunity to take a look back at the wild, the beautiful, the surprising, and the deserving cars that this year brought along. And certainly has 2021 lived up to the task. Some unveilings and some brand strategies have led to questionable and sometimes unworthy vehicles but certainly have many helped the car industry evolve, sometimes revolutionizing it on the way. Just going through my head: the EQS, the DS4, the EV6 GT, the new Genesis G90, the Mclaren Artura, the new Range Rover, the MC20, the Rivian R1T the Polestar 2, the Taycan Cross Turismo, but also cars that have brought back pieces of history we're not yet ready to let go of: the CT4 and CT5 V Blackwing, the 400Z, the new 2 series, the GR86, the Vantage F1 edition, the new 911 GT3, and so many more.

In the end though, Drivetribe has to decide on the ultimate car of this year. But how will we get to only one winner when there are endless deserving cars out there? This is where my genius plan comes into action. Even before though, I need your help. I can only think of so many contenders for this year's winner, and that will leave you frustrated and wondering as to why I didn't pick more of them. So before anything else though after finishing this read, I want you to comment on cars you want to see nominated for the title of "Drivetribe Car of the Year 2021". This is very important to me and to many of you (I hope).

The genius solution

With the help of I hope a lot of you, polls will be uploaded over the coming weeks, each addressing a category of cars to vote for. Sometimes up to twice a week, my page and the Quiz section of Drivetribe will host these polls which will, in the end, determine a winner in every category and then will take place the final vote with 5 candidates to choose from. As you will have had predicted, the winner of this round will get the ultimate title of Drivetribe's car of the year 2021. A very prestigious award that doesn't only take into consideration pricing and the option to get heated front seats and an electronically adjustable steering wheel but rather the car that's left us with more than a thought and one for which we've made a space in a heart.

Here come the polls

“Sense maker of the year”

This first poll will see the likes of the most reasonable cars we got from 2021. It’s likely you’ll see a lot of electric and compact cars around which offer a good ratio of value for money. That said, their aim is to be as least boring and most “exciting” as possible while maintaining the goal of making actual common sense. I'm thinking for instance of the new Kia EV6, Golf GTI, and Peugeot 508 PSE. Please remember to leave a comment at the end with cars you would like to see entered in the competition.

“Thrill of the year”

Don’t despair yet and stay with me as this list will take us far away from cheap common cars and onto an essential point in the car world: The fun factor. Determined only by the thrill you get just by looking at a car, the experience behind the wheel, or just how cool it would be to see one on the streets, this poll will run through a great diversity of cars from sports cars and supercars to simple sedans or SUVs which mean a lot more than they might suggest. Running through a few nominations: Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing, that Morgan off-roader, and Aston Martin Valhalla. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

"Milk float of the year"

You can take this one whichever way you want. This category is exclusively reserved for electric cars but you have the choice: eighter think of an EV you're very keen on or list something else which you think represents exactly why electric cars are not worth anybody's time. The vehicle can come in any form as long as it's been or will shortly be put into production. Of course, you could name a few Teslas and many electric trucks that are due to hit the showrooms in the rear to come. Whether they're performance-oriented or incredibly generic to you, we all need to know what you're thinking of.

"Statement of the year"

This one will be all about greatness and grandness. Think big, think of presence and image. This poll will include high-end cars which come with a lot. They don't all have to be from the future nor absolutely massive but must certainly bring a statement to the driver, the passenger, and the road the car drives on. It's hard not to mention the new Range Rover, the EQS, the new G90, the GLS Mayback, and so many more that I haven't got on my mind right now.

And then there's the 5th category...

You see, I had originally intended on naming this last poll "Surprise of the year" but then quickly moved on to a better idea. I'm going to let you decide instead. As well as cars for the competition, I would like to hear from you as to what kind of nominations the final section should contain. Think of a group and a name. That's it for me.

Happy 1st of December by the way!

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Comments (13)

  • I nominate the Wells Vertige for section 5. It probably won't win, but to me it represents genuine analogue fun brought into the modern age. It looks great too.

      1 month ago
    • Best EV is the Tamiya Nissan GTR R34 RC Car

        1 month ago
    • Thanks, I'll consider both

        1 month ago
  • What cars should be part of the competition?

      1 month ago
  • Yreeeeeees finally we can finally have. Car of the year with a sense of fun

      1 month ago