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2y ago


When talking with racing professionals of all ages - whether it be veterans like Mark Webber or Ben Collins, young superstars like Matthias Lauda or Oli Webb, or newcomers like Christie Doran or Charlie Robertson - many quote karting as a kickoff point for their racing careers.

Nicolas Hamilton originally started in karting when he was younger, but is also an incredible sim racing driver

With sim racing videogames getting more and more authentic, accurate, and technically-advanced though, many youngsters are getting behind the virtual wheel as an entry point into real-world racing.

Red Bull Esport Racing athlete Erik Leštach has beaten both Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel on the virtual track

With the ability to immediately start learning how a GT, LMP, or open wheel race car handles, and clear advantages for a supportive family to overcome both the financial and geographical constraints of not being able to get enough on-track practice, the world of Esports Racing is not only an amazing stage upon which to showcase your skills behind the wheel and knowledge underneath the hood, but can also be the stepping stone to being scouted by manufacturers and teams on the look out for the next young talent.

I'm Andy Tudor, I'm a videogame industry veteran of 16+ years and had the pleasure of working alongside some of the racing and gaming industry's finest over that time. With the ever-growing popularity of Esports currently, together in this tribe we'll be celebrating the success, drama, and prospects of the most elite drivers, teams, and series in the world of virtual racing.

Thank you to everyone that has joined so far, there's plenty of stuff coming including interviews, coverage of events (starting with Red Bull 5G next week!), videos, and more so please stick around and tell your friends!