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As an Audi TT owner we've heard it all before;

"Mine understeered like a bitch. The day I got rid of it was one of the best days of my life!" (Generic Daily TT driver)

"The TT is too heavy to be a fun track car and the 4x4 is wasted." (Generic motorsports fan... Who also owns a TT)

And my personal pet hate...

"An old mx5 or hot Clio would make a much better track car for less cash."

An old mx5 or hot Clio would make a much better track car for less cash.

Every track day enthusiast ever

So why do we do it? What makes an ever increasing number of us decide to ignore the stereotype and transform this great looking coupe, into a more than capable track weapon?

For me personally there was a very specific criteria; I didn't want FWD, I'd been there with a Type-R and wanted to experience something a bit different, i wanted a turbo-charged engine, for the ability to increase power significantly for relatively little money, and finally it needed to cost under £2,000.

So what cars meet this criteria? The obvious answer is a classic Impreza, undeniably a great platform, however having worked closely with a friend on a project, i knew the biggest issue with them is what i like to call 'Subaru Tax'; take the cost of a part for most other cars, add the word 'Subaru' somewhere in the description and then charge twice as much! An MR2 turbo was another consideration, but these are difficult to find and the ones you do find have been battered and/or molested. What i was left with was an Audi TT or an Audi S3, for me there was no competition, the TT's sleek lines and coupe body shell where enough to convince me that this was the car i should pursue. I then set about finding a suitable example;

Standard, Boring and unaware of what journey she was going to be taking!

So what about you? Why did you chose the Audi TT as a basis to start a track project?

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