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My thoughts on Fisker's new SUV

1y ago

It Starts at $29,999 after government grants, will go up to 300 miles before it needs a charge, should come onto the market in 2021 and has a solar panel on the roof. That's about it. No honestly, apart from "California Mode"- which lowers all the windows at once, this is just your average start up company electric SUV and I'm a little disappointed.

If you are not familiar with Henrik Fisker this will probably not make much sense: After his first company, Fisker Automotive, filed for bankruptcy in 2013 a Chinese company continued to produce their only car: the Karma, this company then became Karma Automotive, renaming their car the Karma Revero. 3 years after Fisker Automotive went broke he founded the second Fisker: Fisker Inc, and now we are in 2020 and we have the Ocean.

Hard to believe this beauty is nearly ten years old.

Hard to believe this beauty is nearly ten years old.

Now that the confusing history lesson is over, my problem with the Ocean is this: after all the awesome cars Henrik has designed, especially the Karma, he gives us something so generic and bland, heck, it nearly as boring to look at as a Tesla. There is a silver lining to this cloud though, all his other projects have resulted in commercial failure, meaning he has never been able to design a whole family of cars, so maybe this more sedate car can rake in the dollars to fund more masterpieces like the Karma, and that - in my opinion - would be awesome.

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