- Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

Welcome to the world's most exclusive supercar rally

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You may have heard of Supercars Club Arabia - the folks behind the most epic rallies across the middle east. They followed this by venturing out to Europe and now their latest trip saw them going further across the pond to the United States. And best for all, they invited me to come along! To keep it short, it was definitely the most unreal trip of my life (And no I did not get paid to say this) so check out the day to day overview below and frankly the pictures will do all the talking.

Day 1:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

The first day kicked off the rally in style at Los Angeles, California taking in the sights at locations such as Beverly Hills. But since every man and his dog Instagram's Rodeo Drive now what better way to choose an exclusive location for some photos than an actual airport with private jets creating quite an epic backdrop. The above Lamborghini belongs to the hilarious Ahmed I met during the rally with his car rocking the Oakley Design kit as well as 24 carat gold paint job.

Day 2:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

The next leg consisted of going through to Santa Barbara via some amazing roads. The one thing that makes this really so exclusive is that it's not taking the same repetitive roads which everyone takes and is familiar with but instead the organisers spent a long time looking at the best driving roads outside of the 'tourist hotspots' where these cars could be enjoyed fully whilst looking at scenery which appears out of movies. Seriously, you have to experience it yourself to appreciate it fully.

Day 3:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

This was then followed by headed to Monterey. You may be familiar with this city due to Monterey Car Week. So the locals did not certainly expect for a set of raging bulls and its friends to appear out of nowhere. Having been here before during the car week, it certainly is a pleasure and a different experience driving in not so much of a traffic.

Day 4:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

The next day consisted of going to San Francisco, and where better for a photo op than the Golden Gate Bridge. I mean just look at that stunning bridge background with supercars roaring through it. It was brilliant seeing the tourists faces so of course we had to slow down where possible and give them a noise to remember too during their holiday. Another reason why this is such an exclusive group is that you can't just apply and become part of the rally. Each applicant goes through a thorough background check, so it's just not a matter of throwing some money and getting a spot regardless of your status. This way the group remains exclusive not in terms of arrogance but in terms of having a family feel to it as even though I was with these guys and girls for a short period of time, I certainly felt like I had known them sine a very long time.

Day 5:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

Next up it was time to head to Napa. However when we all woke up, we heard the news of the unfortunate forest fire in Napa which would of course affected not only our route but the next hotel we were staying at. It had been evacuated whilst some hotels had even burnt down. We waited till the briefing to see what was going on and have to say the organisers handled it really well especially considering as such a big group to take care off. They were actually up all night speaking with the authorities and the hotel as well as other hotels which could host such a big group. Of course all hotels said no but not giving up they managed to find one which could fit this crazy bunch. So after a bit of delay but everything sorted, we all set to the new destination and today's view was Ashish and his co-driver in their astonishing Ford GT with that gulf livery!

Day 6:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyande

Now it was time to head to some lakes, so first up it was Lake Tahoe. On this leg we got to go through some hills after hills and we certainly couldn't get the most of it. Just wait till the videos are ready to see how epic it was. During this leg I stayed with Amit's turquoise Lamborghini Aventador SV as who can get bored looking at that colour whilst they drive.

Day 7:

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

Then second lake on the following day was Mammoth Lake, most famous for Yogi Bear. So for this leg it was appropriate to stay with the aggressive 1 of 1 Oakley Design Bugatti Veyron, being driven by the owner Jon Oakley himself. I would have never expected to see a Veyron drive across such a route but behold, never say never. And of course Pepper Yandell managed to captured the insane shot above just to give you an idea of this exclusive adventure.

Day 8

Photographer: Pepper Yandell https://www.instagram.com/pepperyandell/

And now for my most favourite part of the rally, Death Valley. Basically a desert, it consists of miles of empty roads with nothing but sand at either side. So imagine seeing just these supercars driving through it causing heavenly noise whilst the sun blazes from the top (I did get sunburnt having the roof down 24/7). Whilst driving we came across a section on the side where you can stop off and look down the valley so of course everyone position their cars for that money shot. The above being Bassam's Lamborghini Aventador SV, who actually bought this brand new just for this rally. Again, I can't wait to show you guys the video so you can see how unreal this leg of the journey was. One thing though, you certainly do not want to be broken down here without a signal. Which did happen to one of the Lamborghinis but luckily somehow one person had signal and managed to call a recovery truck, with the driver out of the abandoned placed after 'only' 3 hours.

This is just halve of the journey with the rest coming in part two. The images are taken by the talented Pepper Yandell (as much as myself and my iPhone would love to take credit) so do stay tuned for an entire image gallery where you can drool nonstop. You can find out more about Supercars Club Arabia by clicking HERE.

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  • When u do a great rally but only a few american cars there, because european cars rules... Lamborghini ferrari Bugatti Pagani and Koenigsegg is enough to shut up and roast an entire tesla factory

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  • You mean these guys?

    1 year ago


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