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Welham vs Coleman: What is the world's most prestigious car brand?

Mercedes vs Rolls Royce - vote for the winner!

9w ago

As many of you will be aware, it has been around three months since you saw the last Welham vs Coleman debate here on DriveTribe and that’s all down to one very simple reason. John decided to take a two-week holiday which threw everything off. He only went on one to prove he could as he lives in Australia where no viruses live…what an arse.

Anyway, we are back with a bang. Today we will argue over what the world’s most prestigious car brand is and we want you to vote for your favourite in the poll at the end.

Coleman's side (for Rolls Royce)

The tragic thing about these arguments with Ben Welham is he always picks an idiotic position and nearly always wins the heart of DriveTribe with it. I would blame my arguing but who didn’t shed a tear when I concluded that EV-converting classic cars “shows a desire to pose and not actually appreciate a classic car and what it represents”? I know I did.

I lost that poll. On a petrolhead site. A site we can’t even run a Tesla or £40k competition on without someone gnashing their teeth about it being pro-electric.

I guess what I’m trying to say is you’re all useless, which is a helpful preface to my case for the most prestigious brand in existence - Rolls-Royce.

Because of course it’s Rolls-Royce. And to keep it simple and with that apparently winsome naivety of a Welham argument, my case is three-pronged and indexed for the TL, DR nupties:

-Prestige is fundamentally reputation. The most prestigious restaurant in a place may not necessarily be the best; they could be resting on their laurels and there could be better up-and-coming best-kept secrets. And while I don’t believe they rest on their laurels at all, as it’s not the 1970s and the latest Ghost is arguably the best car in the world - Rolls-Royce does have the reputation. They earned it in the 1920s with a car that was ethereally, supernaturally quiet, like a ghost -and it’s never been lost, or chinked by slavery accusations or dictator smut. They've floated above all that.

-Prestige is exclusive. The cheapest way into Rolls-Royce ownership is roughly about the same as the most expensive way into a Mercedes. Or to put this a crisper way, the most prestigious brand in the world cannot make plumber’s vans or dabble in rebadging Renaults.

-The third prong is entirely ad hominem, but relevant nonetheless. Ben Welham still thinks Waitrose is a genderless waiter.

In short, here’s to that unconquerable Spirit of Ecstasy.

Welham's side (for Mercedes)

So, let’s start off by defining what ‘prestigious’ actually means. The Oxford dictionary definition of the word is something which is ‘Inspiring, respectful, admirable and has high status. These are all qualities that Mercedes-Benz has and that’s precisely why I have chosen to fight for them today.

Let’s start right at the beginning, shall we? On January 29, 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine.” The patent, number 37435, is regarded as the birth certificate of the world’s first automobile.

From then on, Mercedes has been taking the world by storm and is still one of the leading car makers today, almost 135 years later.

It has come to my attention that Coleman has gone with Rolls-Royce which isn’t something I can hate as he isn’t wrong, however, if I were given the choice between an S-Class and a Rolls Royce, I know which I would pick.

Throughout its range, Mercedes takes great pride in the cars it makes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a panel van for Amazon deliveries or an AMG GTR Pro - the same level of quality applies throughout its range.

If you own a Mercedes in a far-fetched land across the globe, you are instantly seen as being admirable, whereas if you drive a Rolls Royce you are seen as an arrogant oligarch.

In a way, this argument stems right back to a debate Clarkson and May had back in the early 2000s where they compared their very own Grosser and Corniche. And if you remember, the Grosser won… at least it did to me as a winner was never actually decided.

So, if you want to vote for the Rolls, sobeit, but don’t come crying to me when you realise you were catastrophically wrong.

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Comments (261)

  • I’m with John on this one, Mercedes are too common, there are millions on the road, and to the untrained eye an S-class looks exactly like a C-class. However, a Rolls-Royce is a rare sight on the road, and the moment you see one you know that it’s the best luxury car you can get

      2 months ago
    • ^ This. There's a reason chauffeur companies charge $100 an hour for an S-Class or similar and $300 for a Rolls-Royce of the same footroom.

        2 months ago
    • AH, but how does one remain prestigious AND sell a lot of cars? That is what I think Welham is talking about and where only Mercedes Benz succeeds.

        2 months ago
    • 2 months ago
  • To compare anything to Rolls Royce is absolutely unreasonable.

    A Mercedes' prestige isnt even on the same scale as a Rolls', RR's only competition is Bentley, and had they been picked as the opposition, I may have actually been tempted

      2 months ago
  • Rolls Royce are often used as a metaphor for quality. I.e. "We are the Rolls Royce of......"

    Rolls Royce made the engines in the Spitfire

    Rolls Royce made the engines in Concorde

    Rolls Royce made the engines in HMS Ark Royal and her sisters

    Rolls Royce motors power Queen Mary 2

    Mercedes has a rebadged Renault Van in its line up.

    And makes Bin Lorries.

      2 months ago
    • I was getting all emotional and teary eyed, then you made me laugh 😂

        2 months ago
    • You reading this stuff or have you gone AWOL again

        2 months ago
  • Can we drop our differences for a minute though and applaud, bipartisanly, the fact Welham has opened the Oxford dictionary

      2 months ago