29w ago

Well... after a discontinuation of my instrument checkrideon Saturday {weather) I now have to actually redo part of the practical portion. To the IFR guys will know what it means to botch an approach more than likely. This one I simply pushed the “activate leg” button instead of the “direct to” button. If I would have caught itin time, I could have spun my second VOR in and easily the fix, but I didn’t till to late. I flew the rest of the checkride no problem so I go up next Wednesday to fly a non-presicion approach with the examiner. Kinda a laughable error to be honest

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  • Oof so did you pass your check ride or are you going to have to do that again?

      6 months ago
    • I have to do the portion I didn’t get right. It honestly was a case of nerves. The rest of it went fine and was no problem at all. The examiner is actually an amazing guy. I caught what I did literally just as it was to late. Humph! A $300 mistake....

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        6 months ago
    • Oof not fun

        6 months ago