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Well done VW...sort of...

Car advertises are pretty much boring in these last years, but sometimes a good one come out...is this the case?

3y ago

Few days ago I posted an article about old car's commercials, My conclusion was what nowadays cars advertises are quite different than the past. I closed the article with the thought what in modern spots the way to promote a car is pretty much changed and I asked to readers if there's a commercials of the last years they can remember or they had enjoyed.

I thought about it as well...and I couldn't remember none. I have blurred memories of some funny spot of the last few years, quite confused honestly, a car drifting in a park with a captivating soundtrack, the new Peugeot advertise with a famous Italian actor and then...nothing, no one impressed me, I can't even remember the cars promoted.

Except this one.

I watched it several times on television or YouTube, I found it very funny but, yes there's a but, I cant' remember the car! The cocky little ram, walking around and leading the sheep, on the notes of Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way, "born confident" as VW line says about the car, totally overshadow the T-roc.

screen shoot of the VW advertise, obviously all the rights are of VW

screen shoot of the VW advertise, obviously all the rights are of VW

Maybe is a problem of me, but I barely noticed the car, I didn't thought: "Wow the Volkswagen T-roc is awesome! I want one!" I actually had to look at the name of it showed in the preview of the video for typing it correctly. That I thought instead, bear with me, was "That little black ram is so funny! I want one!"

Basically Volkswagen managed to want me to buy a ram.

Nice try Volkswagen!

Here there's the making of of the spot.

Useful information :

I'm not bothered to list all the quality and optional of the new VW crossover but let's be fair, it get 5 Euro NCAP stars, it looks pretty good, the T-roc is not hideous as a Nissan Juke at last and there's many configuration options; you can have a 4motion engine, and diff lock, if you live in the countryside or spend your weekends in wild terrains. Many features are available, you have only to choose the ones which fit your style, only flaw, thought, the ram is not available as optional.

And on this terrible disappointment... Thanks for reading and sorry for the Off Topic, this car is not Old and neither Little, as my tribe name would suggest, but I enjoyed the spot very much and I thought was funny share it. Yeah I'm probably a weirdo... and this is not a bombshell.

For serious consumer information's look at Vw website down here.

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  • Hi congratulations - your post has been selected by DriveTribe Women-of-DriveTribe Ambassador for promotion on the DriveTribe homepage.

      3 years ago
  • I remember seeing one of these once! And I agree, it's very distracting, mostly because IT'S ADORABLE.

      3 years ago
  • They've overdone it, i don't want the car but i want this little horny devil very much!

      3 years ago