Well, the first two TT events of the season are in the bag. Sadly, I wasn’t able to run both of them, however, during the event I did run, I managed to set a respectable personal best on a track I’ve never driven. Due to a mechanical failure on a competitors car (who happens to be a very good friend) I managed to steal third place, and was less than a second from second place. The second event, I donned my second hat and paid my penance by manning a corner station as a marshal. Which, in all honesty, is the best way to watch a race, and the best way to be at a track if you can’t drive.
If you have an interest in being a part of the happiness that can be found at the track, and don’t want to spend the money building and running a car, I would encourage you to get to your local track, meet the people that make the happenings happen, and be part of the backbone that makes amateur racing possible. You’ll have a hard time having more fun for less money.

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