Well this weekend was hectic

It all started with a mountain run.. then the unexpected happened.

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This weekend we attended a Jspec Society mountain cruise event in order to raise some money for Movember charity. Halfway through the journey, disaster struck. Here is the story from the driver at the front of the pack who witnessed first hand what happened...

such a clean example of a mustang.

such a clean example of a mustang.

Quote from Carl Hendle: (front of the pack)

"I just wanted to put up a post regarding how things can go so wrong on the roads & how you don't always have to be going fast for things to go to shit.
Today while doing our cruise we were driving through Mt Nebo township, Christine & I were in the Golf as lead car. There was some traffic in front of us, if I remember correctly an SUV of some kind, a 60's Mustang & another SUV. The 2 suv's pulled over which left us following a beautiful example of USA's finest.

We continued to follow & admire the older gentleman's ride. We were heading towards Mt Glorious & started heading down the ladder when disaster struck.

On a slow sharp left hand corner the rear of the Mustang stepped out, now we certainly weren't traveling at a speed I thought another would happen but what unfolded was devastating. The Mustang slide around & hit a good sized rock in the left hand bank. I remember just saying "no, no ,no" constantly. The car bounced off the rock/embankment rolling backwards off the cliff/bank by this point I'm yelling "stop, stop, stop" but it didn't stop. The feeling of watching that car with John the 50 year old driver still behind the wheel roll off the side of the mountain was heart stopping.

I stopped pretty much in middle of the road, popped the hazards on & jumped straight down the bank. I asked the driver (John) if he was ok, thankfully he replied with "yeah I think so". I could feel the car moving & falling further down the bank & was leaking fuel from a split fuel tank, all that was holding it was the thick lantana. Next thing I know Adam Trevorrow is down the bank with me. I'm trying to hold the car, Adam & I are telling the driver "we need to get you out now incase the car goes". The car being a 1966 US import was left hand drive so Adam helped John out through the passenger window. Then the rest of the guys with us helped drag myself, Adam & John the driver up to the road all while Christine was on the phone to 000 calling emergency services.

John was conscious but was certainly in shock. He had a severe gash through his bottom lip about a centimetre long & had split about a centimetre apart & some major bruising to his chest from the old school wooden & metal steering wheel which had completely bent & snapped on impact with the rock embankment. We got John up & got him to sit down in the shade while waiting for an ambulance. John was taken away to the RBH while the fire brigade waited for the tow truck to recover the car.

So what I guess I'm saying is sometimes you don't have to be doing crazy speeds for things to go bad & that you really should be prepared for anything. Everyone that was there played a vital part in getting John out & safe. I can't thank the people that were there today enough.

 We wish John all the best on his recovery and that he gets the car back on the road again soon!

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