Welsh Weekender 2016

4y ago
- An early start in north Wales as owners gather together in readiness for the drive ahead. It's unusual to see over a dozen of these rare cars together in one location. It's unusual to not have any rain. Bonus.
- A snake of red heads out towards, and over, the Horseshoe Pass. Onlookers stop and stare as the train passes by, their expressions a mixture of what I can only describe as wonder and bewilderment. And a hint of sympathy.
- Talk to any sporty Clio owner to hear how good the cars are, "In the twisties!" So what? They're not the quickest in a straight line but, oh man, those twisties! B-road blasts don't get any better than in a 182 Trophy. Fact. Biased? Massively.
- A chance to stop and stretch the legs having enjoyed some 3-sided driving about the EVO Triangle. Excited chatter and banter amidst the 'pings' and 'pops' of cooling metal and the aromas of burnt clutch and brown-trouser moments.
- Still enjoying north Wales and heading up towards the well-known Llanberis Pass. Red Trophys for as far as the eye can see... assuming you can't see as far as the bloody annoying silver-blue thing holding us up.
- Attracting attention wherever we go (probably due to entering the car in the wrong direction...) A few moments respite to reflect and refresh before heading southwards to enjoy the delights of mid-Wales.
- Superb scenery only served to enhance the drive and being blessed with sunshine and blue sky was nothing short of a miracle.
- A mixture of roads to be enjoyed; from fast and flowing to tight and twisting. Wales truly has some great driving roads and further encourages the driver to seek out more routes.
- Sometimes it's not about driving 'enthusiastically' - it's about the location and the places you visit. Sometimes you simply have to succumb to the beauty of your surroundings and take time to breathe it all in. Spectacular.
- I can think of worse places to be.
- A quick gathering for a photo or two before making their way down the Valley. Hill, bend, sheep, reservoir. Repeat.
- With only a limited run of 550 cars produced (500 for the UK and 50 for Switzerland) the Trophy can be a rare sight. With good examples appreciating in price it is not uncommon for collectors to purchase them and then store them away.
- Without a doubt the Trophy is a great car and deserves the praise and accolades it's received over the years. But it's also about the owners and how they shape and enrich the Trophy community.
- Trophy owners are as diverse and varied as the red shades of paintwork that adorns these wonderful hot-hatches. Once upon a time, or so we are led to believe, the Trophy was actually a single shade of Capsicum Red...
- Described as, "a driver's car"... it makes you wonder where the drivers actually are. Here we see another abandoned Trophy parked up in the middle of nowhere.
- After 20 minutes of frustration and brainstorming I cannot think of a damn caption for this image. Damn you, Trophys. Dam you! Some say that Richard Hammond once tried driving a 64 year old Land Rover up the side of this dam...
- Wales is famed for its hills and valleys and for dubious activities involving sheep. Here, the Trophyists are enjoying the former. I can't comment on the latter. "What happens in Wales, stays in Wales".
- This Trophyist's hand-gesture sums up the weekend perfectly (somewhat different to the hand-gestures he was sharing earlier in the day). It's going to be a long wait until the next Trophy Weekender. I cannot wait!

Red Welsh Dragon meets RenaultSport's red super-hatch as owners come together for another weekend of epic driving and scenery across Wales.

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  • Thanks, Vishal. It really is a great way to spend a weekend. It is one of my highlights of the car year and I can't wait to do it again in 2017. The people who take part are a great bunch, too. Highly recommended!

      4 years ago
  • Wonderful pictures, looked an absolute blast

      4 years ago