Went In To Pick Up A Prescription, Walked Out With a 1:38 Kinsmart Pagani Huayra

Cool diecast cars at CVS? F​or only six dollars? Can a be as good as it looks?

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. My Dad calls them "Steak Saturdays" because our family always enjoys either a New York, Ribeye or Filet Mignon for dinner along with a bottle of Cabernet. Always. Dad insists on Steak Saturdays and I admit I don't mind them at all! This past Saturday, Dad asked me if I wanted to come along to the butcher and pick out my steak. Since my twin brother Jackson always tries to take the steak I want after Dad grills them, I decided come along and make sure the one I picked out would end up on my plate!

After we had chosen our steaks and were heading back to the car, Dad remembered that he had to pick up a prescription at the CVS pharmacy in the same shopping center. CVS isn't one of my favorite stores so I waited a bit impatiently at the checkout line. Right before we reached the counter, I glanced to my side and noticed a small display of miniature model cars, mostly in 1:38 scale by toy manufacture Kinsmart. I'm not a "toy car" guy but as I looked at the display, I saw Dodge Challenger SRT Demons, a VW Beetle and Porsche 987 Boxster. But what caught by eye the most was a Pagani Huayra. I've heard of Huayra's, seen a few pictures, but never knew just how cool these cars were.

I nudged my father and asked if I could get it, and he looked at me with that "how much?" expression on his face. The cashier, who by this point was waiting on us to walk up to the counter, heard us and responded with a wallet-pleasing answer of "six bucks". Both my Dad and I looked at each other and said "why not?" Six dollars is about what a Hot Wheels car costs and is about a fifth of the cost of one of my latest 1:18 purchases, a Welly Bentley Continental. In a heartbeat, I chose the Huayra in a dark metallic blue, my favorite color on these Paganis, and wasn't disappointed with it.

F​irst impressions

B​eing brutally honest here, I didn't think six dollars would get me anywhere in the world of diecast model cars. But Kinsmart is different. In fact, this is my second Kinsmart model with the first being the 1:36 '55 TBird I entered in the 2020 LaLD Quarantine D'Elegance. Still, at a $6 price point, I wondered if the detail would be hit or miss. Luckily for me, it was a sure hit. The Pagani logos were featured throughout the car, and the carbon fibre decals (you know how much I love carbon fibre!) were very, very eye-pleasing. I sure did like this model from the first time I saw it and it made me wonder if we should even call it "a toy."

T​he metallic blue paint was a sight to behold. While this sparkly paint isn't really something you'd find on a full size Huayra, or any car for that matter, this model pulled it off. Where the car wasn't covered in carbon fibre, the blue paint shimmered, and made the car look a thousand times better.

E​xterior styling

M​uch to my surprise, this model was actually really well replicated. Before you believe that I'm only saying this because "oh wow, carbon fibre on a model car," I'm not. This is a genuinely good model by Kinsmart and the carbon fibre topped it off. Decals or not, I absolutely adored the carbon fibre. Kinsmart's Pagani shows that nicely done models don't have to be considered limited edition collectables, or even be a collectors' model and don't have to cost $150. I loved that "Huayra BC" was cleanly painted all around the car and the model also has quite a few vents. Last but certainly not least, is the iconic square-layout quad exhaust. Kinsmart managed to replicate the exhaust pipes better than higher priced manufactures like Maisto, who rarely add depth to exhaust pipes. You have outdone yourself, Kinsmart!

I​nside the cabin

T​he interior, especially on so-called toy models or smaller models by other manufacturers, make or break the car. My expectations weren't at AUTOart or Kyosho-level quality, but I was pleasantly shocked at the sight of the Huayra's interior. In many respects, Kinsmart provided the detail and material quality you'd expect from Maisto or Bburago, only scaled down. One example is the gauge cluster found in front of the well detailed steering wheel. Just like in a full size Huayra BC, the cluster juts out from the dashboard, and is closer to the steering wheel. I was surprised to find this level of detail in a $6 model. The seats were also molded in the same way as found in an actual Pagaini Huayra BC. One small complaint is that the bonnet didn't open but the overall detail in the exterior and interior made up for it. Overall, the detail far exceeded my expectations.


I​ never thought I'd say this but Kinsmart has the potential to be a strong player in smaller diecast cars. I am beyond amazed at the value and quality of this model. If you are looking for a cheaper alternitive to Norev's or Minichamps' smaller scale models, Kinsmart is without a doubt the way to go. I look forward to expanding my collection with more Kinsmart models.

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  • 😂😂 this is why i can’t go shopping anymore, can’t stop buying model cars💀

      23 days ago
    • 😂 Same. Every time I stop at CVS I’m tempted to get a new car. It’s addicting.

        23 days ago
    • Same it’s sooo bad 😂, especially CVS, they have the whole racks of them lmaoo 😂

        23 days ago
  • 👍

      23 days ago
  • It looks great in red as well.

      23 days ago
  • Ooooh I have a full rack of these at my local gas station they are so tempting to buy but I always resist urge urge to buy them

      20 days ago

      21 days ago