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When Nissan pulled the covers of the future 400 Z, or Z proto while we're pretending it is still a prototype, people around the world including myself, took for granted that if Nissan was reviving the Z, that meant the GTR would live no more. Youtubers, internet people, Drivetribers, we all believed that it was the end of the GTR. (I've actually linked a Youtube video straight out of Doug Demuro's channel as he explains that there will not be another GTR.) And having a glimpse at Nissan's financial situation, it is easy to see why. As a big investment goes, the 400 Z will be Nissan's final hope in attracting people to the brand whether it's sentimentally, out of admiration, or just because it's good value for money. Or at least it would have been their last chance if it wasn't for the R36 generation GTR.

Before I get into what we know at the moment, I just want to mention that the information I'm about to deliver is sourced from trusty websites who know what they're talking about. "Automotive News" is one of them and goes as far as quoting Ashwani Gupta, Nissan's Chief Operating Officer, more on that later on.

This new R36 generation of the GTR then, won't be a simple facelift or refresh but a ground-up new vehicle. It's esthetics, interior, technologie and hopefully, mind-boggling performance will all be completely new, and possibly ready in three years time! What should remain relatively untouched is the fantastically exquisite hand-built V6, only with more power and possibly added Hybrid technologie. The GTR is renowned for being extraordinarily quick off the line and thanks to its Hybrid powertrain and cutting-edge technologie, it should provide neck-hurting performance in straight lines and round the bends. In terms of Design, Nissan realises that borrowing some of Italdesign's exclusive GTR-50 lines won't do the trick, so we can expect further surprises when it comes to esthetics as well.

For the moment, this is all we can tell you without wanting to bid on uncertain information. The fact is that we are pretty sure of getting a next-generation GTR when we thought all hopes were lost. If there is something I'm slightly worried about, it's that with all the competition out there today and despite the name, I really hope Nissan gets it just right. When the rebooted Honda NSX came out a couple of years ago, it may have grabbed our intention for a while with some impressive technologies on such an "unexpensive" supercar, but in the end, it wasn't worth all the hype in terms of stats, driving experience and reputation.

Thanks to the new 400 Z and future GTR, Nissan is in with a chance to get their proper brand identity back and attract more customers to their cars. They just need to make them as good as they once were.

I will keep you informed of the latest news as the weeks go by: pictures, stats, dates, everything. Thanks for reading!

The link to Doug Demuro's take on the 400Z video. Interesting content from an exquisite person: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCp-PaCRjEs

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