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We're Getting Some Great Mainline and Basic Cars This Year

Majorette, Tomica and Mattel are coming out with incredible new cars that can undercut premium offerings in price-to-detail

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Let's be honest: few of us can ever really consistently afford the best 1:64 replicas of our favourite cars. Fortunately, this scale is well-covered from super-premium offerings costing US$20 and up to bargain-basic castings sold for US$1 or even less. But fi you want the most recent machinery, it's often tough to find it -- the margins on 64ths aren't as big as, say, 1:43 or larger scales.

Fear not, though, because it sure seems like cheapskates like me (and you) are feasting this year.

A big reason for this post being up here is because Majorette finally dropped their 1H2021 catalogue and it's got bangers at every price point. Pay special attention to the mid-tier Premium line -- they've got a McLaren Senna (with working dihedral doors!), two estate cars from Volvo and Mercedes-Benz to complement the Peugeot 508, and a widebody Chevy Camaro that's different from the Bumblebee one in the Street Cars range.

The Vintage line is even more shocking -- they have a Porsche 917K, Lamborghini Countach and a Toyota 2000GT! And considering these cost just shy of Php180 to Php200 ($3.75 to $4 converted though they may be much cheaper), it's amazing to see how competitive Majorette is in the midrange.

Of course, Mattel isn't gonna want to be outdone, and their 2021 releases have been trickling in all over Asia-Pacific after teasers from both Matchbox and Hot Wheels themselves and leaks in sites like T-hunted at rates I honestly have trouble keeping up with.

Notable highlights include Matchbox's Moving Parts line that features the Pagani Huayra Roadster (with a metal cowl!), while Hot Wheels is set to unleash TWO Liberty Walk cars to the mainline in what can potentially be a big-time undercut of MiniGT items. And Bugattis.

The Lamley Group has also put out sneak previews of cars like the Group 5 Lancia Stratos and Lancer Evo 6, but LaLD has already scolded me regarding leaks back when this forum was still on Kinja and at this point, you should probably curate your IG feeds anyway.

That leaves Takara Tomy. I'm still corroborating this Facebook post to see if there are any grounds to these listings, but if they are to be believed, we are in for quite a treat. Yep, that's a Bugatti debuting to Tomica, along with a Ferrari Roma. Add to that some big multipacks and Tomica Premium listings and the mid-year mix has potential to be the hottest and most sought-after yet. It'll be a sniper's paradise, so Asian LaLD should probably start a group-buy.

The mainliners and lower premium tiers are so packed to the gills with incredible machinery is so tightly-packed that it's going to be a daunting task just to collect them all, so I suggest you proceed with caution here. Don't get everything, only the ones that matter the most to you. Be it an aspirational machine, a classic racer, or a piece of your completionist puzzle, pick your battles. These cars often last longer in stores than you think, so be patient. We're well-endowed anyway.

And we're not even done with the year yet.

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