W​e're going on tour with Team Hard!

I​s it Fast? will be joining Team Hard as they look to build on a great race season last year and bringing you EXCLUSIVE footage in 2020.

E​lite level motorsport is awesome.

D​on't you wish that as a fan, you can see more behind the scenes footage, understand what you can do on race weekends and learn how drivers got their seats?

W​ell, in 2020, that is exactly what I'm doing with Team Hard.

Team Hard run two cars in the British Touring Car Championship alongside Ginettas, Golfs, Clios and a few other spicy projects we can't wait to share!

C​heck out our announcement video from Team Hards open day!

M​ake sure you join the Is it Fast? tribe, follow us on socials and catch the latest exclusives, right there on DRIVETRIBE!

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