Were you too late to buy the Essenza SCV12? Put your money on its open top mull

Soon after the debut of the track inspired Essenza SCV12, Lamborghini has been caught testing its open-top version.

31w ago

Limited run models are the best for any company. It allows them the chance to demand exorbitant prices for their models and some nabobs can seize the opportunity to cruise in a car that would have been bought in minuscule numbers globally. While the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12, the 830 hp monster was fully sold out in a jiffy, there's its open-cockpit brother purportedly expedited on the lines of an F1 car waiting for you to tap its potential to the fully and thump your heart at its top speed.

Images of the standard Essenza SCV12 for your prophetic conclusions.

Images of the standard Essenza SCV12 for your prophetic conclusions.

This is for those who couldn't shell out the resources at the time Lamborghini announced bookings for the Essenza SCV12. As for the cosmetic enhancements, there's nothing that has changed with this prototype except for the conspicuous fact that it doesn't get front or lateral glass area. It still looks ominous viewed from any angle with its flared haunches and monumental wheel arches. The stance of a quintessential coupe is perfectly exhibited which is accentuated by louvres for the rear glass area adding to its aggressive design. Other noteworthy bits that might be a part of this version are hexagonal headlamps, a melange of decals and badges across the body, ginormous air intakes, imposing rear diffuser, LEDs for the taillamps, massive rotund exhausts and a spoiler which gives semblance of jutting out from the inner body.

It also gets the epilogue of a name 'Aperta' meaning open in Italian to signify that it doesn't have a roof.

The car will be invited in the fray against supercars such as McLaren Elva and Aston Martin V12 Speedster, all of which are brutal track machines with foreboding looks and earth-shattering outputs. It would be safe to remark that Lamborghini wouldn't want to produce more than 150 units of this car making it embark into a niche domain of vehicles. It also means you'll have to be alert of its launch and prudent of your monetary resources. In case you forget about its reveal and hear a violent roar in your vicinity, fathom that the car has announced its arrival with the prodigy ready to wring its neck.

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