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It's time to talk about Mazepin not being in this F1 grid

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First off, before I get into this, I need to back clear these are my opinions and not those of the site DRIVETRIBE. I have placed this in here for legal reasons and to not harm the site, thank you please read on. The topic touched on in this article may also be triggering to some, so here I am also placing a trigger warning regarding sexual assault.

Nikita Mazepin is a driver who hasn’t even entered his first F1 race, yet he is already controversial, wanted off the grid and hated. This time it isn’t all just down to being a pay driver, it’s down to disgusting actions, and he shouldn’t get away with it.

F1 this year took on the #WeRaceAsOne, to help show their support for the BLM movement but also showcase support for increased diversity in F1. But it wasn’t always seen to be supported by all drivers and sometimes F1. The hashtag seemed to be a PR move and to put it simply it was because Mazepin’s actions proved precisely that.

This hashtag was meant to increase diversity yet; a driver could do what he did on camera, and get away with it. Do you think that makes women or anyone affected by sexual assault, want to go into F1? Probably not.

Mazepin was recorded sexually assaulting a young woman. This video just added to the list of Mazepin’s many problematic incidents. But this one gained the most traction in how shocked fans were and rightly so.

Everyone was disgusted, there was proof, so it can be labelled as what it was. It was awful to see a driver do these actions; it terrible to see anyone do this.

His, now deleted, the apology came out, and he said he needed to better as an “F1 driver”, or something along those lines. But what about being a decent human being, Nikita?

His apology was rubbish, like most notes apologies are.

It isn’t just that; his actions affect many. It was that only a few months ago in this 2020 season, some brave people (male and female) came out and told their stories surrounding sexual assault and harassment in the F1 community. Fans rallied behind this, and those who involved had their actions dealt with. It was brilliant to see how people could work together and do this.

But it was heartbreaking that it seemed all that would happen with Mazepin is he would be dealt with internally by Haas. There was no investigation, despite Hamilton being investigated by the FIA for wearing a T-shirt. It was just left, F1 backed whatever Haas picked to do.

What made it worse? Was there was some defence of Mazepin because well he was “refreshing” or “like James Hunt” when that just was not the case.

James Hunt, one brilliant driver, raced in a very different time and what did was seemingly okay, looking back it wasn’t. Now mostly it’s a shocking thing to do. Mazepin and Hunt share nothing, and that is that.

The situation was added to by the girl. It seems she backtracked on her statement of being “good friends”, as herself and the Russian unfollowed each other. She also posted someone things to her story, “protect drunk girls” and suggesting she shouldn’t get drunk with idiots.

Which just showed she wasn’t okay. This is of course interpretation which was gathered from the posts. But it added fuel the hashtag that is #WeSayNoToMazepin. (I encourage you to use it).

It proved this wasn’t just all made up to hate Mazepin, it proved there were so many right things being said by fans, who wanted first to make sure the girl was okay but also get rid of Mazepin.

How can on this grid, be a guy, who punches drivers, has a pattern of dangerous driving, has made racist comments, the list goes on. How can this guy be on the grid? Well, money is the answer.

His father owns a possible 10% stake in the Haas team, and this means the team is relying on money from Mazepin Snr. Peoples jobs rest in his hands, which makes this harder to try and get Mazepin off the grid.

Shockingly, he is allowed to have such a history of problematic behaviour and be in F1. But money comes first.

Please continue to use the hashtag, #WeSayNoToMazepin. And use any platform to disapprove of this man's behaviour because it could turn people away from this sport and that’s not okay.

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