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W​estern Australia's only McLaren Senna goes up in flames

A​nother of McLaren's ~$1.7M AUD hypercars catches on fire

15w ago

O​ne of just a handful of McLaren Senna's that were delivered to Australia, and the only from WA, the example pictured above has become the latest of the limited production track-focused hypercars to suffer damage resulting from a fire inside the engine compartment.

W​A Road Alerts Facebook Page ​reported the fire at Beechboro just outisde Perth at around 11am, stating that "Firefighters were called to car fire when they arrived they found the two million dollar car on fire, DFES swiftly responded to try and save what they could". Thankfully, as can be seen in the photo above, it seems that the quick response of the firefighters meant that the fire was contained quickly and caused what appears on the surface to be only minor damage. According to WA Road Alerts, the fire caused a "$200,000 damage bill", however this is obviously a rough estimate and could likely be much higher depending on the amount of non-visible damage.

T​he car was on a Sunday supercar cruise with a large number of other exotics at the time, when the fire reportedly occurred while en route to where the group were stopping for lunch. It's important to point out that no one was injured in the incident due to the quick action of the driver and firefighters who contained and extinguished the fire before it had the chance to spread. That said, we imagine having your new $2M+ (when considering options value) Senna burn in front of your eyes would be quite a horrifying experience.

H​aving been delivered to Perth just one month ago, this Senna has a particularly striking specification of exposed carbon-fibre with yellow accents. It was photographed just hours earlier at Classic Cars and Coffee looking incredible in the summer-sunlight. If you're looking for more photos and videos of the car in question check out Coconut Photography's profile on Instagram.

E​arlier in the day at Classic Cars and Coffee (Photo: Classic Cars and Coffee Facebook Page)

E​arlier in the day at Classic Cars and Coffee (Photo: Classic Cars and Coffee Facebook Page)

The Senna has earned itself a somewhat notorious reputation for fiery incidents with a not-insignificant number of the 500 units produced having had some sort of fire occur within the engine bay. Numerous well-known examples have been among them, such as YouTuber Salomondrin's car which he has made countless videos about.

W​hile it's sad to see such an incredible car suffer such damage, we're just pleased that the firefighters made it to the scene quickly enough to ensure the car didn't burn to the ground. Rest assured this Senna will see the road again!

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Comments (11)

  • Disappointing and a common occurrence, Mclarens reputation gets eroded everytime something like this happens and it seems to be happening a lot.

    This is why an AMG GT black series or one of the Porsche GT products is the right choice.

      3 months ago
    • Well...Porsche GT3s had been sacrificing themselves to the Apollo as well didn't they? Remember Hammond's GT3 driving gloves?

        3 months ago
    • Agree but quality control is far better with the Germans. I’d love to be patriotic but I’d also like a car that works every time and dont spontaneously combust or have panel gaps that are massive.

        3 months ago
  • McLarens are lit, literally.

      3 months ago
  • Great...another Mclaren fire!

      3 months ago
  • Maybe it's time to trade in my mclaren

      3 months ago
  • Kind of what happens when they don’t get the recall done and we’re filmed on tik tok earlier giving it a bit with their car crew 🤣🤣🤣

      3 months ago