We've spotted the holy grail of all car spots - the original Bullitt Mustang

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Usually, at media events, car spotting activities are limited to seeing the same car in many different colours, but today at an event we were presented with something very extraordinary.

After driving the legendary Goodwood Circuit in the new Ford Fiesta ST, something even more legendary rolled in – the original 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback as driven by Steve McQueen himself in Bullitt.

A legend in our midst in sleepy old England

Yep, the original Bullitt Mustang is here in Blighty to tackle the legendary Goodwood Hillclimb – on what is its first appearance outside of North America since its discovery last year.

Up close and personal with the car driven by McQueen himself

After picking my jaw up from the floor, the fact that a legend of a car was now just feet away from me was a pretty significant deal – the Highland Green paint, battle-scarred, as well as ageing and cracking in places –which for its age, and historical value still looks mega today.

All original wear and tear on the outside

After the owner revealed its existence to Ford, the carmaker completed a full mechanical restoration of the car – leaving the aged and original paintwork as it stood.

Just think, McQueen actually drove this hero car, as in this actual car – before it was thought to be lost forever and now we’ve somehow managed to get up close and personal with it making for quite possibly the greatest car spot ever in history...

Now, take in the glorious sight that is the original Bullitt Mustang...

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  • When talking about a classic, this is what should come to everybody's mind. Such a legend.

    4 months ago
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  • Gorgeous

    4 months ago
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