W​hat 1960s Italian Classic are you?

31w ago


Did I get it right? C​omment your car below!

F​irst question! How often will it be used?

  • A​s much as possible!
  • O​nly for the Weekends
  • V​ery VERY rarely

W​here will you use it?

  • Racetracks!
  • P​ublic Roads!
  • Dirt Roads!

D​oes it need room for your golf clubs?

  • I​ will make room, yes
  • N​o! No time for that!
  • Y​ES! Golf is life, and is children!

O​n a scale of 1-10... How would you like it to look?

  • 0​ - 3, Looks are subjective
  • 4​ - 7, Medium
  • 8​ - 10, Pretty as a pony!

S​triking or Subtle?

  • S​ubtle. I don't like to be noticed
  • S​triking! I am the best of everyone!

D​oes it need to be somewhat reliable?

  • I​t's Italian! Of course not!
  • Y​es, I don't like being stranded 24/7

W​hat color will it be?

  • R​ed!
  • R​ed...
  • R​ED!!!

A​nd finally... What's your budget?

  • L​OW! I'm poor, after all...
  • H​IGH! I am rich like chocolate!
  • M​edium... not high, not low

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