What 2020 F1 team would you drive for?

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Ever wonder if you were a budding F1 driver what team would suit you best? No problem! Take the quiz and find out!

It's pre-season testing and it's your teammate's turn to drive. Do you...

  • Stay around and look at the team's data
  • Walk the circuit and watch from different corners
  • Go and complete your media work in the paddock
  • Go back to the hotel for an early meal

First race of the season! What are your goals?

  • Victory is the only option!
  • Make sure the team has the best start and bag some solid points
  • Just drive around and hope for an advantage with a Safety Car
  • Have an accident with a rival at the first corner

Your teammate takes pole position and you are behind. Do you...

  • Attack them at the start, but not overdo it
  • Get given prior warning to not attack them on the first lap
  • Stay behind them off the line and try to defend for them
  • Go for a silly move on the first lap and end up hitting them

Its summer break! What do you get up to?

  • Keep fit and work towards coming back even stronger
  • Work with the team where you can and fix wrongs from the season's first half
  • Make the most of your few weeks off and instagram everything
  • Go and have a good time and not thing about racing. Its summer break after all!

You're given a team order to let your teammate by. Do you...

  • Let them by, but show your unpleasantness calmly after the race
  • Acknowledge it and let them by, the team knows best!
  • Ignore it, and debate with your engineer during the race
  • Argue like mad on the radio and then cry like a baby
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