- I overdid the rear bumper slightly.

What a new FORD CAPRI might look like.

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Ford has launched the Mustang in Europe and pretty much worldwide, but wasn't there a European rear-wheel-drive sports coupé wearing the blue oval back in the days? Make no mistake, the Mustang is a fabulous car and I even had the fortune to ride in a 1968 GT Fastback a couple of days ago. What a car! However the Mustang has always been a little bit crude and lets be honest... it is massive! Now that the car is officially available here and already outselling the dentists favourite Porsche 911, it is everywhere! Living in the surroundings of Ford Europe, these things are on every street corner. I almost feel like I'm in California, minus the weather and the plastic buttcheeks.

2018 Mustang GT with absurdly (cool) wide wheels (Performance Pack).

So as an amateur car designer I thought why not give the forgotten Capri a try. Something that's more technical, more sophisticated than the big ol' Cheeseburger Mustang but with the same philosophy.

This is a later model Ford Capri.

My mind went this path when going for this car:

1. Smaller Footprint (Something that fits in the Aldi carpark.)

2. Less ancient powertrain (How about that twin turbo V6 or even better, a twin turbo inline-6?)

3. Less yank exterior (Panels that actually fit, and less of that 60s retro nostalgia)

So this is what came out. Please ignore the terrible wheels on this front 3/4 view. I only just started doing digital renders.

Ford Capri front 3/4, with terrible wheels.

What do you think? I tried to capture the original Capris bonnet shape and light graphics. The front and back of the car took the most time to develop. The side profile came to existence pretty quickly. I tried to give the car some F-Type style rear hips and Audi TT style front fenders, and everything as neatly flowing from front to back as possible. Oh, and that grille now less resembles a blatant Aston ripoff.

Ford Capri rear 3/4, with better wheels.

Some huge cannons and a racing inspired rear bumper in the back, which is probably too much on a car like this. But since I have an engineering degree, I can simply claim it reduces pressure in the rear wheel arches like Porsche does with their RS models. As you can probably tell, the rear decklid is very British. I tried to capture the Aston Martin DBS upper decklid shape and repackage it for a Ford. They've been ripping off the Aston grille anyways.

Anyways that's my take! What do you think? Should Ford build a new Capri?

And by the way. I will be coming to the UK soon to study Automotive and Transport Design (if the uni finally decides to take a look a my portfolio) so I will be an extremely poor person very quickly and eating bread sticks and baked beans 24/7 due to ridiculous tuition fees. So I've prepared some cool car sketching stuff here for you to try out. And it helps me not sketching myself into crazy debts.

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Thanks a lot DRIVETRIBE!

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Comments (11)
  • Great work mate. They should build the Capri again with the twin turbo ecoboost V6

    6 months ago
  • Sadly, they won't do it at this time. The market for mid class coupés in Europe (which would be it´s main market) is completely dead at the moment. There isn't much more than the VW Scirroco and the Toyota GT86. And, at least here in Germany, you don't see both of them very often. If one of our neighbors would not have the GT86, I wouldn't have seen any of them at all to this point.

    7 months ago
    1 Bump
    • sad but true... vw has discontinued the scirocco already

      7 months ago
      2 Bumps
    • Ist hadn´t much to do with the classic Scrirrocos. It was just a flattened Golf. They should have given it a real hatchback instead of the steep one.

      6 months ago
      1 Bump


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