What a nonsense! Saudi Arabia GP Perspective

I wish I could un-see that!

Worse than Monaco. Legitimately worse than Spa! Those are very strong statements, but that shambolic display is something which Formula 1 must forget and quickly. Crashes, red flags, penalties and (virtual) safety cars, enough for a whole season. The only bright spot was Bottas's photo-finish 3rd, which, while mostly lucky was exciting nonetheless.

Lewis's race

"He overtaken me off the track. He has to give me the position back. Why is he stopping, is he brake-testing me? He's crazy!"

Well . . for a guy who fights for a record-breaking 8th title, he was concentrated so much on Max, while he had the pace to solve things on the track without all of that unnecessary drama. I don't get it. It's a title fight, it's tense. So have it on the track and leave Max be second. Having the tyre advantage was one more thing why it should've happened anyways.

Max's Race

"Return the position. Why have you tried so sloppy? Return the position safely this time. No, you've been penalised already, you should've kept the position!"

Well . . I hate to say it, but this time Max pushed it a bit too much. The defence moves were over the top, just not needed. Being overtaken at the end of the straight, Max was easily half a second faster in the first sector. He could've taken the position back, we saw a few good moves there, to shut the doubters up. It's not Monaco, you can overtake, not just with DRS. Clean moves, wheel to wheel and change of leadership would've been a good call, but Max was being the old (rookie) Max instead.

Teams vs Race Control

Mercedes: We would offer them to take position behind us. If they would take it. Can we overtake him? Is he being told we can overtake him?

RedBull: Let me think about that offer for a minute. Ok, we'll take it if Lewis is behind us. Ok, we'll take it, no matter that Lewis will be ahead of us. He's been told to let Lewis pass, this is a misunderstanding.

Johny Bravo . . I mean Race Control: Penalties here, penalties there, penalties everywhere! Collisions? Haven't seen any of those today. Love taps, maybe. And those debris on the track were parts that were going to fall anyways - certainly not from any collisions.

Can we just remove the stewards? They've turned a blind eye to situations that should've been resolved during the race and gave both Mercedes and RedBull enough opportunities to contest the whole thing after the race. I'm pretty sure there will be penalties for the start of the next round and if the stewards are fair, those penalties should go both ways. It's a shame there's not a third driver in the fight, who would've capitalised, because those two, with their behaviour today managed to outdo any title merit they've gained during the season. I honestly wish Kimi was there to steal another title. Don't you?



Human rights issue

This is where money talks, quite literally. Nobody seems to be particularly happy about that situation, yet nobody raised their voice with any resolve. Lewis reluctantly mentioned it, because he was asked by a reporter, but that was it. Vettel did a carting event for women, which went mostly as promoting some sort of a positive change in Saudi Arabia, largely masking the still-present issues.

Because the Saudi sponsorship money have become so important in this Formula 1 - the sport is willing to turn a blind eye, using excuses such as Stefano Domenicali's "We shine a light on those places". Combine that with the on-track nonsense and it's the worst way to tribute Frank Williams. But on paper, Formula 1 is a fighter for rights and equality. I haven't heard any action on Brazil's blatant abuse of human labour either. Says enough...

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Comments (28)

  • This race was action packed!

    but for all the wrong reasons

      1 month ago
  • The race could and should have been better but then, it shouldn't have taken place anyway..

      1 month ago
  • Loved that race! So much drama to keep me intrigued being a neutral. It does highlight huge issues with street circuits though.

      1 month ago
  • I don't agree on most things

    Hamilton has done nothing bad. he has damages his front wing twice during overtaking maneuvres so if the rules says Max have to let him pass it's fine. If not it would have been unfair for Lewis and the championship.

    The track is realy cool. It was the first time and they need to improve some stuff but it seems to be a great track. Monaco is the mos borring race of the year so why not putting it on steroΓ―ds?

    For the human rights issue I think it's better to go and race there than just ignore them. People from Saudi Arabia can see a bit more how it is for us and people like us are made more aware of the conditions in this country. I think it will help things to change.

      1 month ago
    • Agree.. F1 should not be mixed with political issues. Saudi use Islam's strict law... it may looks illogical but unless we understand fully about the context of the law, we should refrain discussing this. Human rights issues are reality in...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Good article, especially on the hypocrisy of F1 and hu.an rights issues

      1 month ago