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Oh hello. And welcome to the WIDE WORLD OF RACING, hosted by yours truly. You may be wondering what is this world exactly, and what it stands for. Well, strap yourselves in for a quick and user-friendly introduction across the wide world.

Gather round to discuss all types and kinds of driving games: be it old or new, track-racing or open-world, arcade or simulator... or even games that revolve around cars and racing that don't necessarily put you right in control of the driver's eye.

WIDE WORLD OF RACING is a safe and friendly space to discuss these sorts of things. 100% voice your opinions loud and clear, with as much explicit language as you want. However (at the time of writing), given no one knows any rules or ethics around DRIVETRIBE, it is probably for the best not to be too vulgar in this Tribe, to maintain the safety and security of our members and to make sure no one gets unfairly banned from this Tribe and the site itself.

Being run by myself, I will provide this Tribe with some of my latest videos on my YouTube channel "RXSpeedster", including series of mine such as SPEEDSTER'S GARAGE and my upcoming ROUGH APEX, in addition to my semi-review series (whose title is derived from this Tribe itself) in the foreseeable future. There will also be good friends of mine who'll also be posting things every now and then.

If we see an image we like posted within this Tribe by any of our members, we will be sure to feature it as our header image for bonus reach and impact. Members' names will be properly credited, of course.

In this Tribe, we seek to uphold honesty and proper ethics within the wider community and beyond. Specifically with the racing genre (both independent/"AAA" titles from developers), we will keep you updated and informed on any issues and warnings provided by our members and outside sources. If there is anything inherently anti-consumer or below expected quality, we will stand by those opinions until any given changes or notices.

But aside from that, I do look forward to reaching out to all of you and engaging with an eager audience who want a friendly, positive space free of any bigger images of bulls**t from detractors. This is in the early process of growth, so expect improvements to come over time as more people join us in curiosity.

So without further ado, gather round, make yourself comfortable at home and let's put a spot on the far and wide reaches of the racing game world!

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