What are Mutants?

2y ago


Perhaps one of my favorite Motorsport is F1. One of them... No, not the modern one but the classic one. I have a huge passion for classic/retro F1 cars. The car itself, every it holds, every details, every components. It might be safe to say that I am pretty much obsessed about them.

For a while I have been experimenting with cars as you know, and F1 machines obviously got their change to get on the drawing board too. However, looking at daily cars, or super/hyper cars I have to say that it is pretty tempting to mash them all together. What?

In a world full of restrictions, don't you just want to escape to a digital one, with no boundaries and go completely bonkers? Enjoy the small collection below, of the best ones I've worked on this year.

One of the very first experiments, but based on a modern F1 design.

Following the first experiment, I had to do some more trials and see how this thing can really turn out. Very happy with the results. Any takers? Investors?

I could obviously not let pickups slip by. Especially classic ones just like this Hilux. Works like a charm, morphed with an older F1 model.

And of course - VW bus got a treat as well and this time, it did finish with a very Hot-Wheels -ish feel. How would you like to see this trying round the track? I wonder how it'll do.

240z is so iconic, that it had to happen. I had a lot of Trial and errors to get this one done and it's one of my favorites, to say the least.

This year Jon Olsson and I decided to make a quick April fools announcement for his new Huracan. We worked on this idea together - no regrets!

I lost count of the number of people who mentioned this was a mistake. I mean, why would you do that to a 918? Well, why not?

Of course a JDM has its place in this mad wide/wild mutant world. FS12000 or something. oh man..

Pick up trucks again! An Old ford, obviously inspired by the Tyrell 6 wheeler (yes it's the other way around, that's okay)

Muscle cars did not get ignored either. This was also one of the first ones when I was experimenting "Mutants"

You know. Sometimes you just gotta go completely bonkers. I mean we're day dreaming right? Why not a Tracktor. Track.. tor... Get it?

Same as the 918, I can't remember how many people got triggered by this. Why would you do this to a 288? WHY? WHY NOT?

Austin Healey. yeah.

This one is probably the first one that people wanted to see built. It's not that tough I guess. Does someone has the money?

Now this RX7 is slightly different - A "Radical Raid", which I will introduce later. But when it's dropped to the ground (resting, let's say), It does have a very similar feel to a Mutant. Minus the massive wing at the back. But hey, spare wheels!

Even though I might say that it's sad and we're only day dreaming, I like to think that one day I'll be able to get one of these started as a project. Don't you? And if that's the case, I might just go for the VW Beetle. Seems to be the most reasonable one for me.

And what about you? Any of these that you'd actually want to see built?