- Salomondrin

What are the 5 cars you want to own before you die?

4d ago


Over the past few days, I have been trying to make a list of cars I want to own before I die. I don't know if this is a normal thing to do or whether I am just a bit weird but nevertheless I have done so. At first, you may think this is incredibly easy, and while it can be, narrowing it down to your top five is a lot harder than you may initially think. These also aren't just five cars you want to drive, but five cars you want to actually own and live with on a long term basis.

There are two reasons as to why this idea sprung to my mind. One is that I had a dream about a Porsche 944 the other day which I can't seem to shake off. The other is someone called Andrew Lee, who was a great inspiration for many of us petrolheads. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in 2015 and unfortunately passed away earlier this year. His one dream in life was to own an R35 Nissan GT-R. So, he got one and after a lot of help and support he was able to create his dream GT-R which looked stunning when finished. He also started the organisation, Driven To Cure, whose mission it is to “Help raise awareness and provide funding for the research of rare kidney cancers like HLRCC in children and young adults.”

After thinking about this, it brought me onto making my very own list just to see what sort of cars I could think up. It turns out that it's much harder than I thought. There is a lot to think about too. Would I have them all at the same time? Would they all have to serve different purposes? What will my budget be in the future? Will I have the space? Will they be obtainable when I am in the position to have them? All these things are variables to consider when choosing just five cars to own in ones life. I even looked at my DriveTribe garage to get some inspiration but so many of those cars are like unobtainium. They would be incredibly difficult to acquire, even if I were the next Shmee150.

So, after many hours of thought and careful calculations I have come to the conclusion that...it's too hard. I know I definitely want to own a Porsche somewhere down the line, whether it's a 944, 912, 928, 996, 986, 997 or something else. A 924 CGT would be the dream but we'll see how prices go on that one. I also know I want an SUV at some point but which one? I would also like maybe a BMW estate at some point but my interests are constantly changing, I just don't know. I feel like if I were to have all five cars at the same time for whatever reason, they would need to serve different purposes. For example, an SUV, an estate, a sports car, a classic car, a hatchback.

But it occured to me, while I may find it so difficult to decide on five cars, other people may not. So, my question to you is this:

What five cars do you want to own before you die?