What Are The Craziest Cars You've Encountered In Dreams?

    What are your literal dream cars?

    1w ago


    I once had a dream involving a brown 1974 Honda Civic on a lifted Geo Tracker chassis with a 500 hp LS V8. I don't remember anything else about the dream except that that car ripped. I also had a dream last Christmas where my Thunderbird was not only Santa's sleigh, but it was a Tardis and housed all of Santa's elves and toy factories and whatnot. I got to fly the Thunderbird sleigh for a bit... Good times. I also had a very weird dream where I was walking along and saw a Ford Ranger skid around a corner to face me. I then saw that the driver looked exactly like me! My Ford Ranger-driving double then revved the engine and accelerated towards me as if to hit me, but then I jumped over the speeding truck and landed safely while the truck crashed into a tree. Weird.

    What are your most memorable dreams involving cars?

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    • It was a Honda Odyssey, in a nightmare. The doors kept crunching my fingers.

        9 days ago
    • I always used to have dreams about driving various accords I've owned (all 1994-1997s) and for whatever reason, no matter how hard I hit the brakes, the car never comes to a complete stop.

        9 days ago
      • That seems to be one of the more common types of car dreams people have. I think it usually means that you feel like everything is spiraling out of control and no matter how hard you try, you can't prevent disaster. In other words, a perfectly...

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          9 days ago
      • Ugh, hate that. For me the brakes will slow the car down, but not enough to come to a complete stop. I'm probably straining my calf muscles in the middle of the night trying to jam on a non-existent brake pedal.

          9 days ago
    • I've had several dreams over the years of driving my first car. Including one just about a week ago. It's so odd. My first thought in the the dream is always "I thought this car got wrecked! How awesome! I'm going to drive the shit out of it". I actually wake up mildly sad and disappointed that was only a dream.

      Oh! The car? Well... it's a bright red 81 Dodge Aries sedan with red vinyl buckets, column shift auto, and the 2.2L I-4. I should probably see a therapist.

        9 days ago
    • Oddly enough the only car i ever think may have featured in my dreams was a Kia Cerato.....

      I never dream of cars.

      Lets be honest i doubt many of us rlly do

        4 days ago
    • I don't remember most of my dreams, but I have dreams where I'm about to kiss a beautiful woman and then she turns into some weird octopus monster

        5 days ago


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