What are these cars we don't get in Europe (and Britain)?

7w ago

This is an interesting looking Skoda:

  • Doesn't it look like every other Skoda SUV?
  • Behold the Kushaq
  • That's the new Kodia Cross
  • You mean the Kareq?

This looks a lot like a 1 series sedan...

  • For some reason though, it's actually known as the 1 series coupe.
  • ...but it's simply called the 1 series.
  • Then perhaps it is a 1 series sedan?

What is this half-SUV, half-minivan thing called?

  • The Ford Escape Cross
  • The Renault Trigger
  • The Renault Triber
  • A cheap disaster.

This is the Link and Co...

  • 03
  • 03 Sedan
  • 03 +
  • 03 S

This VW looks familiar... But then don't they all?

  • It's the new Sharan XL
  • The L version of our Sharan
  • This is the Viloran

Toyota has just unveiled this hybrid SUV...

  • ...and it's the compact version of the Venza
  • ...also known as the Prius X
  • ...and stands as the cross version of the Corolla

Uniquely Chinese:

  • The FAW F5
  • Hongqi H5!
  • Buick's GL5
  • I have no idea so I'll say it looks pretty smart.

Don't worry, the car looks as surprised as you are

  • It's a Mitsubishi
  • Mitsubishi D5, yes, I can read.
  • Mitsubishi...D5...Deli...ca?
  • Mitsubishi D5... Deli..va? I think

How is this SUV called in America?

  • The Exeed TXL
  • The Vantas TXL
  • The Cherry TXL

What is this Yaris called in Indonesia?

  • The...Yaris
  • The sporty version of the Yaris that isn't sporty at all.
  • The Yaris Sedan

And what is this Yaris called in the USA and Canada?

  • Well, it's a hatchback so... Yaris?
  • The Yaris L
  • The Yaris that isn't a sedan and looks a lot like the Mazda 2.

And finally, this is a big Ford:

  • I can see that.
  • It's the Landscape
  • They call it the Equator
  • Known as the Voyager X
  • And it comes under the name of Everest

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