What are they doing at Kia

If your intentions in life are to spark international crisis and civil war in your area, the new Kia Sportage may be for you!

Firstly, I begin with hello, because I've been busy for a few days (which clearly had no affect whatsoever on anyone). As things happen my life got interesting for a little while during the week so I decided to seize the moment.

Now, secondly, I would like to condemn the existence of automobile related site 'Carbuzz' which is responsible for a render of the new Kia Sportage which I shared in an older post. The idiocy of some less capable of reading individuals on this site has led to some rather uninformed statements of Kia. Which ironically comes back to my name. Ironic in the fact that being Kia's only supporter I wasn't expecting to be the sole cause of the extinguishing of the South Korean manufacturers good reputation in design. I continue to stress that what you saw if you read the post or even breezed through it, was NOT the leaked model. In fact that's what brings me here. And you here. And the moderators here should they want to award me. Hello good moderator I hope you are well, you do an amazing job and you are fantastic. I love awards by the way.

Anyway I should address the news as the liason officer between Kia lovers and the less fortunate, distasteful people in society. More news across the web of boring spy shots leave us little more aware of this exciting new Asian SUV. But, hold your horses

Because Song Ho-Sung decided that a slightly brave design to refresh the brand simply would not do. He wanted war. And thus, new images have arisen. Official photos in fact of what the Sportage will look like in certain parts of the world. Here is what the latest suggestions have......suggested......the car will look like across some of the Asian nations:

Already I can see a lot of angry faces. I mean they must all be on drugs over there. That's insanely weird. The weird sort of wonky S of a front light is going to certianly turn a lot of heads. And while you'll consider me a liar who just won't slate my south korean idols, I love it. I mean weird is key to winning me over, I think I've been perfectly clear on that. I would love something of that.

Now that and one other picture is what brings me to the DT Studio today. What China will be seeing of the small SUV is what I most definetely do not want from the next edition:

This is bad. It's bad because in Europe this is not what the Sportage is made to be. It's lumpy and bumpy and much more relaxed in it's ways. This Chinese try harding will not do for me. Thankfully what is left of my senses would suggest that given the shape and bits and pieces across the body, the Chinese Sportage is becoming more of a competitor to the Hyundai Venue, which Europe doesn't get (well most of it). So I'm happy enough to cross this sort of final product off the list.

I do understand that news updates on this car is not what many of you would consider ground breaking stuff, but with due respect I don't care.

oooo throwinnnn shaaaade.

Ok ANYWAY. That's all for now, what I'd like to know is which would you prefer based on where you are on this current day. Thanksssssss for wasting your time on me, I assure you it is appreciated.

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